A note to my newly-cozy readership

Note: this post confused two things that turned out to be separate: A LISHost problem that caused two days of posts and comments to disappear, and a Bloglines problem that caused the “hossam4000talat,” not only here but on some other blogs. Bloglines seems to be OK again. [Note added 4/21; post retained because that’s standard practice hereabouts.]

“Newly-cozy”: Not only are the RSS feeds now named “hossam4000talat,” they’re also not working.

So both of you who come here directly are the only ones who will see this, until this gets fixed (I’m an optimist: I wrote “until,” not “unless.”)

Many thanks to David King for suggesting a way to retrieve and restore the (2) missing posts (although not the missing comments to any and all posts).

Since I can’t seem to FTP to the wp-rss2.php file that may or may not be causing this problem, the next step may be a “kick it in the side” attempt: Moving to WordPress 2 and seeing if that move restores the RSS.

That may have side effects, of course.

If that doesn’t work…well, there are two routes:

1. “It’s been good to know you.”

2. Cutting-and-pasting all 288 posts and trying to figure out what to do with the nearly 900 comments that didn’t get lost in the process, to build a new, working blog, presumably called “The ‘umble pseudo-librarian’s random notes.”

Meanwhile, back to my day job…

Additional followup Friday morning: While the lost (and restored) posts and the lost (and unrestored–I’ll look into that) comments were because of a LISHost problem, the “hossam4000talat” was apparently a Bloglines problem, one that also affected some other blogs. Bloglines was down for maintenance last night. The problem seems to be fixed, and I note a very large number of posts this morning.

9 Responses to “A note to my newly-cozy readership”

  1. Steve Lawson says:

    What? I’m getting http://walt.lishost.org/?feed=rss2 loud and clear in NetNewsWire. Or maybe I’m not understanding the problem.

  2. walt says:


    At this point, it’s possible that the only problem is with Bloglines, and that may be self-correcting (ditto Technorati): In both cases, except for the Comment feed, feeds were showing up with this strange blog name and subtitle.

    Blake believes caching may be involved. Neither of us can find anything wrong at the moment in the blog code. (Well, spamming suddenly increased enormously, but Spam Karma’s doing its job.)

    By the way W.a.R. is now on WordPress 2…

  3. Blake says:

    I just double checked and the feeds do look fine, I ran them through the feed validator and all is well. I think bloglines et. al. will get caught up soon.

  4. Steve Lawson says:

    I thought I might be the bearer of good tidings. Well, Blake sounds optimistic, anyway.

  5. walt says:

    Steve, Blake:

    The fact that Bloglines went down for maintenance yesterday, and that I was informed that LITA’s blog had exactly the same problem (“hossam4000talat”) a day before, leads me to believe that it was a Bloglines problem all along, confused by my part because of the simultaneous LISHOst problem.

    I just checked Bloglines, and Walt at Random is back under that name.
    So, to cop another blog’s name, it’s all good. Thanks!

  6. I got this post in Bloglines no problem this morning. There was definitely some Bloglines wierdness that seems to have been corrected.

  7. walt says:

    Another reason to believe this was Bloglines strangeness in the first place: After having oh, 5, 10 posts in Bloglines yesterday after an 8-hour absence, suddenly there are 102 of them this morning: Considerably more than a typical morning.

  8. I wondered about how I got a Bloglines feed from “hossam4000talat” which, BTW, is now gone. Then I clicked on it and fourn Walt! Glad that all is well.