Semantic, not Smart

Somewhere yesterday today–probably as a comment on someone else’s blog, possibly as email in one of the cases where I wasn’t willing to comment (or couldn’t because of registration requirements or whatever)–I was commenting about “fanboy”/”fangirl,” and my own experiences.

Something like: I’d never consider myself a fanboy, but it was nonetheless special to meet Lorcan Dempsey. And it was special to meet [Sir] Tim Berners-Lee (he wasn’t Sir at the time, and we were speaking on the same program/to the same audience), but the fanboy aspects were diminished by the fact that I pointedly took issue with one of his pet projects at the time, the Smart Web.


The Semantic Web. I know that.

iWalt. iSmart. iWent to College. (Actually, I’d prefer the British “iWent to University,” which doesn’t seem to work right in American. Or, given the politics of the time and the specific institution I attended, iWent to Megaversity.)

So when/if you see that idiot comment somewhere else, know that my neurons started firing a little later…

One Response to “Semantic, not Smart”

  1. Mark says:

    That would be here Walt, and I knew what you meant.

    I like your name better anyway for Sir Tim’s ‘grand vision.’