Ironies abound

A brief and blind blog item…blind because the blog involved is not within the biblioblogosphere, and I don’t need the hassle.

A biblioblogger (I believe) linked to an open source-related blog post talking about open source and libraries.

The open source-related blog uses blogging software that I don’t recognize as being open source, unlike, say, WordPress. (At least I can’t find any mention of open source or GPL or anything similar on the blogging software’s site, and it’s a priced product.)

That software typically supports printing of long posts in Internet Explorer, but not in the open-source Firefox. Unlike, say, WordPress.

I guess it’s another case of “Do what we say, not what we do.”

In this case, the post looked interesting enough to keep for further study–but it’s considerably more than one page long, so I have the choice of reading it online, copying-and-pasting the text to Word, or …I suppose…using IE. To read more about open source. Bwahahah…

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