Great marketing ideas part 1042

Got something in the mail yesterday we don’t see very often: A USPS notice that there was a letter for me with $0.15 postage due. What could it be?

Today’s my short day at work; came home; walked over to the nearby mall (which also has the postal station at which the letter could be found) for lunch. Went to the post office to pick up that important piece of mail.

Which was from a bank or S&L (name not important) announcing that they’d give us $50 if we moved our savings there and performed various other feats. This said on a fairly impersonal big color postcard.

Big color postcard. With $0.24 postcard metered postage.

Oversize postcard. Which requires regular $0.39 first-class postage.

I’m wondering just how many people are going to be attracted to trust their money to an institution that doesn’t know how mailings work…and, of course, the name’s not important because I filed the postcard in the postal station’s convenient big round filing destination right after paying to see it.

Ah, it’s Friday. John Dupuis certainly understands that.

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