Fair warning and random notes

Fair warning: I’m adding AdSense to this blog, later today (if I get the HTML right). For those of you who actually go to Walt at Random, there should be a new sidebar section. If the ads interest you, feel free to click on them. But only then: I don’t anticipate earning any significant amount of money here. But who knows? Over the next year or two, I might earn the $100 it takes to get paid by Google (that is, the advertisers).

I’m not adding AdSense to Cites & Insights; since that’s hosted by a public institution, I don’t think it’s appropriate.

Random notes: OK, I just wrote and then deleted a screed about TV critics, cheerleader outfits, and HBO dramas. Never mind.

However… It’s the ides of March, and the next issue of C&I marks an anniversary, diamond to be precise. It’s ready, and maybe it will emerge this evening instead of this weekend (as originally planned). It’s a little peculiar. (It’s a lot peculiar. Fortunately, the next real anniversary issue is almost two years down the line.)

2 Responses to “Fair warning and random notes”

  1. tangognat says:

    Cool. I’ve had no problems with adding AdSense to my blog, and I haven’t gotten any negative feedback so far from any of my readers about adding it.

  2. walt says:

    Yeah, I don’t really think there’s a problem; just thought I’d let people know.