Cites & Insights 6:5 available–Diamond Anniversary issue

It’s the seventyfifth day of 2006, and C&I 6:5 is the seventyfifth issue of Cites & Insights. The special Diamond Anniversary edition is now available for downloading.

The 28-page issue, PDF as always (but also available as one big HTML file) consists of a tiny little Bibs & Blather and a 28-page

Perspectives: Seventyfive Facets–75 brief essays (average 290 words each), mostly new, some old (but most of you haven’t seen them), covering a range of topics.

The PDF is unusually large (about 50% larger than it should be), and I’m not sure why. If the problem continues next month (when a more normal issue should appear), I’ll rebuild the journal template to try to correct the anomaly. For now, well, expect a slow download and slow printing for Page 1; it should be fine after that.

2 Responses to “Cites & Insights 6:5 available–Diamond Anniversary issue”

  1. Very strange. For some reason, the PDF file is *filled* with many thousands of little 16×16 dithered black-and-white images. Do you have a 50% gray border somewhere? Try a “grayscale” option instead of “black and white” output setting in print setup options. It seems to be trying to do some sort of smoothing.

    It’s something to do with rendering the black bars. That’s why it’s so bad on page 1, because of all the black bars in the top of the page.

  2. walt says:

    I’ve restored a “proper” PDF; it’s a little smaller than the original, and the first page only takes a few seconds to appear (on my PC), but it’s still larger than it should be. There should not, of course, be any dithered images at all.

    I’ll pursue fixes over the next month. (The black bars are supposed to be rules, as thin as they can be…and pure black. There are no gray images of any sort, or at least there aren’t supposed to be.) Rebuilding the template may be necessary, if ugly.