A wiki for ALA New Orleans

Meredith Farkas informs us that her brilliant unofficial ALA Chicago conference wiki will be succeeded by an official ALA New Orleans conference wiki.

I thought the Chicago wiki was an exceptional source both before and especially after the conference. I regard this as Very Good News.

Congratulations to Mary Ghikas (an old friend) for contacting Meredith Farkas and suggesting the wiki–and to Mary and Meredith both for choosing what’s almost certainly the path of least resistance, for an experienced Wiki hand like Ms. Farkas to set it up at her site.

Important note: “Official ALA wiki” does not mean that ALA will be building the wiki or constricting the flow of information. If you have information (which, for local arrangements, includes opinion, I believe) that should be part of our collective knowledge universe as we return to the not-so-Big Easy, make your voice heard. I don’t promise I’ll be contributing to the wiki, but I’d call the chances better than even.

2 Responses to “A wiki for ALA New Orleans”

  1. Spofford says:

    Now if you could only re-do the ALA website!

  2. walt says:

    “Not me,” says Walt. Unlike Ms. Farkas, I wouldn’t even know how to set up a Wiki–much less take on the arduous task of redoing a complex website. Grumble as I might about aspects of LITA and ALA, I’m still giving them a pass on the website (or, rather, leaving the grousing to those in a position to offer more knowledgeable advice and solutions): It’s really tough to get that one right.