Spreading the word

Just got a look at January 2006 statistics for Cites & Insights (as always, thanks, Dan!).

So far, the special Libraries 2.0 and “Libraries 2.0” issue is far from the most frequently downloaded issue, but it’s done well for the first three weeks (2,861 visitors for the PDF).

The single essay that makes up the issue also isn’t the most frequently visited HTML article (that’s “Investigating the Biblioblogosphere”)–but it’s close (4,984 visitors), and far ahead of third place. I’d guess it will eventually be the #1 separate essay–and I’ll also guess that the issue as a whole will never be the most downloaded issue.

Not at all surprisingly, almost all of the visitors to the HTML essay got there directly from external links (4,555 out of 4,984).

I made an informal promise to myself after preparing the followup essay that begins Cites & Insights February 2006: No comments on blog posts regarding Library 2.0, at least not for a few weeks.

That’s turning out to be a tough promise to keep, but I’m sticking to it. For now.

Coffee break’s over; back to work.

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