Journal of Electronic Publishing

I’m delighted to report that the Journal of Electronic Publishing has returned.

(Those who read Online more promptly than I do already know this…thanks, PJ!)

JEP was an interesting journal “back in the day,” and was supposed to move to Columbia in 2002. Something happened. It’s now back at the University of Michigan, with the February 2006 issue out.

I’ve printed off most of the articles (four pages to a sheet, so I’m not wasting loads of paper), and will probably do a special Good Stuff or Net Media commentary–not in the March C&I (I’m working on the last essay for that issue now), but possibly for April. Given the authors, the titles, and the summaries, it’s likely to be a lively commentary…

And that’s how I remember JEP. Not that I always agreed with the articles–but that they were almost always worth reading and thinking about. Which is, I believe, the ultimate praise for any journal or magazine.

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