Brown bag blogging

This one’s a placeholder.

Two of us at RLG are going to do a little “brown bag” session on blogging later this week, and my part of the presentation (which will be highly informal and certainly not have PowerPoint or that sort of thing) would benefit from some links.

So I’ve saved the notes as a document on my website, and will leave it there with this post to link to it for at least a week or two.

Addendum 2/22: Thanks to Greg at Open Stacks, the notes have been refined, specifically with the addition of the LISWiki Weblogs directory and blogwithoutalibrary’s library blog directory page. Thanks, Greg!

3 Responses to “Brown bag blogging”

  1. Greg says:

    Gosh, the Open Directory listings really are outdated, aren’t they? So many remnants of my stint as the editor of the category. I can see a number of my friends from grad school listed, even though they stopped blogging as soon as they got their degrees. Wish I could get in there for just a few hours and clean it up.

    Since you are talking in brief about libraries with blogs, a mention of the list at, which is fairly current, might be worthwhile:

  2. Greg says:

    While I’m at it, I might suggest the weblogs page at LISWiki, which is much, much more current and comprehensive than the ODP category:

  3. walt says:

    Greg, Thanks! I marked this one as “done,” but I’ll spend a little time this evening adding to it/cleaning it up. I guess there was a good reason to have this stub post, instead of just mounting the document and pointing people to it directly.

    And now I need to decide whether to include a link to this thoughtful exposition, which helps underscore the significance of the biblioblogosphere. Dan R., if you’re reading: 90% of them, I think.