Midwinter gathering: The Menger bar

We have a winner!

The wholly informal get-together of C&I readers will take place Monday, January 23, at 5 p.m., in the Menger bar (within the Menger Hotel).

The Menger Hotel is next to the Alamo and also adjacent to the Rivercenter; it’s not on the San Antonio Riverwalk, but it’s only a few steps away. It’s on Alamo Plaza. (It’s also one of ALA’s conference hotels, under “The Historic Menger Hotel.”)

I’ll see a few of you there. No agenda, no reserved seats, “no-host bar,” and I won’t be contacting the Menger in advance.

By the way, if you’ve never been, the Alamo is worth a visit–and don’t be surprised at just how small it really is.

One Response to “Midwinter gathering: The Menger bar”

  1. Angel says:

    Too late. I was surprised at how small The Alamo was the first time I saw it. My younger brother, who has lived in Texas for a while, had told me that it pretty much looks like a Masso Home (“una casita Masso” was his phrase). In Puerto Rico, Masso is a home builder; they are known for building small, affordable wooden homes. I thought he might be exagerating, as he is known to do such, but no, he was actually pretty accurate, and surprising no matter how you warn people given the myth and reverence the place enjoys. I did it find it interesting when I went there. Something I found fascinating was watching people. The level of reverence some people have, it was like church. And yes, I know the Alamo was a Catholic mission, but people had that sense of awe one sees in visiting, well, a shrine. Anyways, fascinating.

    By the way, I noticed the Midwinter issue on L2, but I have to save it until I have time. I have so tried to stay away from the topic as of late, but hey, for a good writer like you, I am there. In the meantime, have a great time at ALA’s Midwinter. Best.