Cites & Insights 6:3 available

Cites & Insights 6:3, February 2006, is now available for downloading.

The PDF issue is 22 pages long. Each section except “My Back Pages” is also available in HTML, with links on the C&I home page.

This issue includes the following essays:

  • Followup Perspective: Beyond ‘Library 2.0 and “Library 2.0″‘ – A few comments on posts since 5 p.m. January 6–and brief notes on what I believe is happening now, and why C&I probably won’t be covering it extensively.
  • ©4 Perspective: Analog Hole and Broadcast Flag – Recent activity around the Broadcast Flag (a bad idea that refuses to go away) and recently-introduced legislation to enable an even worse idea, closing the analog hole.
  • Library Stuff Perspective: Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources – A few comments and criticisms of this generally first-rate 296-page OCLC report.
  • Interesting & Peculiar Products – seven of them, one of which is fortunately only a somewhat creepy idea.
  • ©2 Perspective: What NC Means to Me – Commenting on an article that attacks Creative Commons NC (Non-Commercial) license, a proposed set of guidelines for interpreting NC–and my own added permissions to those apparently granted by NC.
  • Trends & Quick Takes – Four trends.
  • My Back Pages – A baker’s dozen.
  • 3 Responses to “Cites & Insights 6:3 available”

    1. Walt:

      I spell my first name with a ‘v’, not a ‘ph’. It’s really odd that you would use ‘ph’, as you have probbaly written my name over 50 times and never spelled it wrong.


    2. walt says:

      Arggh. I’ll do a correction in 6.4. Apologies. I’d claim “tired from a 6-night two-part trip” as an excuse, but that would be a lie: I wrote the whole issue before Midwinter, just doing a final polish and putting it together/copyediting it after getting back from Seattle.

      I must have been thinking of some other Stephen.

    3. Angel says:

      As always, a good issue. I just finished reading it. I found very interesting and useful the article about Creative Commons. It does clarify some things; some of those things that you point out as apparent seemed apparent to me as well, in reference to the Moeller piece. In other words, I wondered, how did he see such and such?

      As for the L2 stuff, I went over and read the Levine and Blyberg posts you suggested. Tempted as I am to reply, or make a post of my own on some of their points, I am not. By now I have seen the writing on the wall, and it seems a bit alienating to a simple librarian in the trenches like me. I resolved a while back to no longer engage the L2 topic, for my sake at least. I got tired of reading all those people, some of them brilliant, making it sound like you are not worthy unless you do things their way. Sure, I will continue to work towards better serving my patrons, bringing and showing them good tools that work, or facilitating the use of the tools for them, and to empower them. But if I am not edgy enough, or engaged enough in their eyes, then so be it. If it means that some (or all) of them think that I may “become the functional equivalent of a back-room storage full of green hanging folders” (to quote Blyberg’s manifesto), then I am fine with that. I just want to serve my patrons and do the work I am called for. I say let others do the fighting over L2. I’ve got work to do.

      As always, best and keep on blogging.