Midwinter get-together?

For Cites & Insights readers only:

Are you going to be at ALA Midwinter in that best of Midwinter cities (personal opinion, to be sure), San Antonio?

Want to get together for a chat and a drink (no-host) to celebrate a half decade of C&I?

If so, let me know (comment here or mail me, waltcrawford at gmail.com).

If I hear from at least three or four of you by January 5, I’ll suggest a place and time.

I don’t expect a big response, and I’m not sure how we’d handle that–it’s easy to find a place where 4 to 10 people could gather; 20 or more is tough without formal arrangements, which I wasn’t planning to make.

Time would probably be Monday afternoon between 5 and 6, or something like that; I haven’t put together my schedule yet, but Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening tend to be pretty crazy, particularly when San Antonio is the site.

I have no idea what the location would be except “On or near Riverwalk”–which covers a lot of territory even within a ten-minute walk of the Convention Center. I was thinking of Lone Star Cafe only because they used to serve some decent Texas wines, but they seem to have dropped the Chardonnays at least. If there’s a response, I’ll do a little checking (or one of you who’s been in San Antonio recently might have a suggestion).

No pressure; there are way too many things to do at Midwinter, way too many things to do in San Antonio, and lots of you probably fly home Monday evening.

I tried something like this four years ago; the two of us who were there had a great time. For two, I’ll skip it, but for a few (probably anywhere between 3 and 10 responses–I’d be astonished to get more than 10) it might be fun.

Update and apology: I hadn’t intended to publish this until I reviewed some stuff; I hit Publish instead of Save yesterday. One paragraph has been removed–but if you know what it is and you’re actually interested in the “bribe” just let me know.

Second update, December 19: Since there will be at least three of us there, the event’s on, Monday at 5, and now I need to decide on a place. This post–whoa! #200!– offers some suggestions and asks for help and advice.

Third and final update, January 9: The time is still Monday, January 23, at 5 p.m. The place is the Menger Bar, in the Menger Hotel. Slightly more details here.

9 Responses to “Midwinter get-together?”

  1. I’m in! Just let me know the date and time asap, as I’m putting together my schedule pretty soon. I can’t believe C&I is 5 years old. Congrats!

  2. Angel says:

    Wow! Five years. Well, I am not making it to Midwinter, but my congrats and may you keep publishing it for a long time. Best.

  3. Alice Sneary says:

    Hey Walt!
    I hope your Sunday won’t be too crazy to make time for the Blog Salon. We’ve had to push the start time back on Sunday to 6:00 pm, which I need to post about, myself!

    Alas, I leave on Monday–so I will offer my congratulations now, and again when/if we see you Sunday!

  4. walt says:

    Alice, I’ll certainly be at the Blog Salon if it’s possible. I can only think of one thing that might have higher priority, and I believe that will be earlier if at all…

  5. Walt, I have a 5:30 meeting, but a 5:00 drink seems most civilized! Count me in.

  6. walt says:

    OK; that’s two, enough to make it work. Let’s make 5:00 p.m. on Monday the definite time. Place to be announced later… (Suggestions? Rio Rio? Lone Star? Somewhere that’s not so noisy we can’t hear ourselves?)

  7. Peter Murray says:

    Would love to, but I’m not going to midwinter this year. Have a great time! I’ll offer a toast of baby formula in your honor some time around 2am EST on the 24th.

  8. Aaron Dobbs says:

    Alright, I’ll bite… what was the (now apparently withdrawn?) bribe?
    (I’m a few days late… call it “end of the year catch up, but hold the mustard”)

  9. walt says:

    [Response provided to Aaron via email]