More megapacks!

It appears that TreeLine Films has found even more flicks that are either public domain or that it can license for next to nothing. I haven’t been to Overstock for many moons, but checking there just now, I see:

  • Classic Musicals (50 musicals), which I’m sure is new
  • Historic Classics (50 movies, all named, all history-related)
  • Gunslinger Classics

in addition to the ones I’ve seen before (all either 50 movies/TV movies, 100 TV episodes or cartoons, or 150 serial episodes, each on 12 double-sided double-density DVDs), e.g. War Classics, Hollywood Legends, Comedy Classics, Mystery Classics, Sci-Fi Classics, Western Classics, Martial Arts Classics…

Indeed, 16 of the 24 DVD box sets on the first of nine pages (ranked by “top sellers”) are TreeLine megapacks. (More than 16, but there are some duplications.)

They’ve also dropped the price to $19.98–and dropped the silly “$199.98” list price to a more plausible $29.99 on all the newer boxes.

I see a few of these (and one more, Dark Crimes) at Amazon, for $26.95. Amazon has a longer listing for the musicals (which I couldn’t pass up)–apparently it includes quite a few music shorts.

Oh, and TreeLine may now be Mill Pond. Whatever.

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