Cites & Insights 5:13, a special issue, available

A special Mid-Fall 2005 issue of Cites & Insights (5:13) is now available. (Well, Fall begins September 22 and ends December 20; November 1 is about as “mid” as you can get.)

This 20-page issue consists of two Perspectives:

  • Life Trumps Blogging (pp. 1-4), which is most definitely a pro-blogging essay, but recognizes priorities.
  • Library Futures, Media Futures (pp. 4-20), which combines my comments on Blake Carver’s LISNews “Libraries and Librarians In A Digital Future: Where Do We Fit?” essay; excerpts and comments from and on “Jeremy, Dan, Luke, and Walt,” a multiway e-conversation about the future (yes, the Perspective includes last names for everyone); and some notes about other voices on media and library futures.

Update November 2:
Jeremy Frumkin correctly points out that I miskeyed the URL for his blog, and would be happier if I pointed out the specific links to the two posts discussed in the second essay above.

The Digital Librarian is at (with an “a” in digital; Jeremy can spell, even if I can’t).

The two posts discussed are: 5 years? and Follow-up on 5 years.

Later today, the HTML version of the essay will be modified to add hotlinks for those two posts (and to correct the spelling of the blog’s address), and–although my standard policy is to not make myself look better by fixing errors once publication has occurred–I’ll probably correct the spelling in the PDF version as well.

My apologies for the error and vague citations.

I have a formatting question about this issue, specifically the monster essay. In order to make it fit, I used 9.5-on-11.5 point Berkeley Book for quoted excerpts instead of the 10-on-12 point that I usually use (body text is 11 on 13). Is this too small for comfortable readability? If people generally say it’s OK, I may leave it that way…

[Yes, you can pick up either Perspective as an HTML separate from the home page–but if you plan to print at all, please use the PDF. The second Perspective in HTML form requires more paper all by itself than the whole issue in PDF, and it’s nowhere near as readable, in my opinion. Hey, I paid good money for Berkeley Book…]

Predicted arrival date for what should be a slightly more “normal” December issue: No earlier than November 17, no later than December 1. How’s that for precision?

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  1. Generation M

    In the most recent issue of Cites & Insights (5:13, Mid-Fall 2005 — PDF here), Walt Crawford summarizes the blogospheric conversation on the future of libraries that occurred last month on this blog [1] [2] and some others. He summarizes the c