vPod: The real use!

Truly an odd juxtaposition in the Datebook (entertainment) section of today’s San Francisco Chronicle, in the top and bottom portions of the leftmost column:

In the bottom half, Mark Morford (who I can only describe as an extreme opposite of Rush Limbaugh, and that’s not a compliment) reveals his “great idea for the iPod”–and thinks he’s the first to come up with it.

But in the top half, Tim Goodman, the Chronicle‘s TV reviewer, includes as a secondary item the same idea (about halfway down the column).

To wit, in both cases, porn on the go.

I would never have thought of that (OK, I lead a sheltered life), but they both make good points. (I’m not that fond of Goodman’s writing, but compared to Morford, he’s a master of prose. You can dig Morford’s points out of his unfortunate style, I think.) Namely, what else would people really pay good money to watch on a postage-stamp screen?

Ah, it’s Friday.

One Response to “vPod: The real use!”

  1. Ehh, this has already been proposed with cellphone screens. And PDA’s. If these guys think they’re the first to have the idea, that proves the market for the format isn’t very successful (yet?).