The forces against conversation

Just a quick note: I’ve had to add a few more words that will automatically block comments. Obviously I can’t list the words; one of them could (remotely) apply to libraries, but not to anything I’ve been talking about.

I’ve seen an estimate that half of all weblogs are actually splogs, blogs that exist only to manipulate search-engine rankings. I’m inclined to believe it.

Sigh. Guess it’s time to do more research into a “key in the letters you see on the screen” plugin, and ask Blake to add it…

I love the conversations that take place here, even if (especially when?) they make me uncomfortable. I really don’t want to shut them down or turn them into blog-to-blog-to-blog “see if you can follow the links” repartee.

And I will not allow this blog to be used for spamming. My resentment for the cretins that persist in this behavior is growing.
Their attempts to destroy a promising conversational medium for their own temporary gain are destructive, nothing more.

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