Bloglines improvements

Christina noticed it first (or at least hers is the first entry I saw about it), but I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on Bloglines first thing this morning and saw “65:1” as a count for unread library blog postings and, looking down the list, “0:1” for the one blog where I had a “keep new” checkmark for a post.

Nice. Very nice. This unobtrusively reminds you of the keep-new items you have–and the “0:” lets you skip that blog since there’s nothing really new.

Bloglines also added a set of navigation fastkeys, but I haven’t used those yet.

Just a brief fanboy metablog!

Update: Now I’ve used the fastkeys. Very neat, and a great way to reduce mousing. Yeah, I’ve seen this subscription; ‘s’ gets me to the next one (as long as I don’t confuse a subscription with a folder, since ‘f’ goes on to open all the posts in the next folder as a single stream). Nice.

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