ACRLog: Blogging about academic librarianship

Or, “Another ALA division takes the plunge.”

Those of you who got involved in the brouhaha over whether there were a significant number of academic librarians blogging about academic librarianship (or issues of academic libraries), and Steven Bell’s role in that question, should be particularly interested in the new ACRLog, which Bell is heavily involved with.

Unfortunately, the URL for the blog is–which, if I hadn’t already used a weak Hamlet parody a few days ago, would immediately raise the question, “to b or not to b?”–but never mind.

Take a look.

One Response to “ACRLog: Blogging about academic librarianship”

  1. tangognat says:

    Hmm, it seems very newsy so far and most of the information posted I’d already gotten through other sources. I’m not sure if it is going to be the type of blog about academic librarianship that I’d go for, as I tend to be more interested in people writing about their personal experiences. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops.