Relevance and the end of objective hits

That’s the title of an article by Stephen E. Arnold in the current (September/October 2005) Online Magazine (“Relevance and the End of Objective Hits,” pp. 16-21).

I just finished reading it and feel the need to point to it, even though it’s not freely available. It’s worth seeking out and reading. Since I just published a Cites & Insights with a Net Media section covering Google, and since I’m not running “Good Stuff” sections very often, it’s likely to be months before I deal with this in C&I.

I found the article informative and enlightening. Among other things, it’s the first article I’ve seen that leads me to believe there are “white hats” among the Search Engine Optimization crowd–people offering advice to improve a site’s legitimate positioning on Google or other search engines.

Good stuff. Well written. Go read it.

One Response to “Relevance and the end of objective hits”

  1. walt says:

    I lied. The next C&I will include both Library Stuff and Good Stuff sections, including a commentary on this first-rate article.