Louisiana, Louisiana

Library Dust has this post relating Katrina to the Great 1927 Flood.

Worth reading.

I was taken aback because I can’t seem to get Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927” from his Good Old Boys tribute to the South out of my head. The song is about the 1927 flood. “Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline”: That doesn’t sound so bad right now.

I wonder whether a politician with the stature of the Kingfish is what’s needed at this point?

2 Responses to “Louisiana, Louisiana”

  1. Marianne says:

    He’s no Huey Long, but current New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin is very angry and has verbalized some tough truths here.

    And the song you mentioned?
    Aaron Neville’s version of “Louisiana 1927” will bring tears…

    Note from Walt: Link to MP3 of “Louisiana 1927” removed because the site gives no indication of being Aaron Neville’s own site; thus legal issues arise, which I’m not prepared to deal with.