How genteel can you be?

I’m bemused by this post at the Bookslut Blog, which notes a story in what I assume to be the Christian Science Monitor that found “Bookslut” to be too racy to print.

I’ll admit that the bloggers use language I probably wouldn’t use in a blog, but they also write interesting stuff and put out a frequently-wonderful ezine. Somehow, “Bookslut” itself strikes me as neither offensive nor particularly hot. But what do I know?

2 Responses to “How genteel can you be?”

  1. Connie says:

    Neither does bookbitch, but someone that uses that name on a list that I’m on was recently trashed by a list member who claimed it was obscene and offensive. Huh?

  2. walt says:

    A list member who must have little experience dealing with dogs and dog breeders, where that terribly offensive second syllable comes up quite a lot… But then, Will Manley’s decided that “sucks” is borderline obscenity (see my comment [in Quicker Takes]) in the august pages of American Libraries (the May issue of those august pages), so who knows? Or maybe “book” is obscene and offensive!