Almost back

The even-lower-than-usual frequency of postings can be explained simply enough:

We went on a little vacation to celebrate my 60th birthday. (We don’t buy each other gifts; for birthdays, the one whose birthday it is gets to choose where to go out for dinner. For a decade mark, we made an exception–or, rather, I chose Harrah’s Steak House in Reno, instead of a Mountain View/Los Altos/Palo Alto restaurant.)

I may log about some aspects later, including an open letter to Reno as to why we’re unlikely to return unless some things change…(cough cough hack hack)

Meanwhile, I’d like to say I’m back and blogging, but that’s only half true. I’m back, and expect to be blogging with a little more frequency (my usual “target” is 2 posts per week), but it may take a while. Some stuff began just before the vacation, and I need to work out how it’s going to play, before I decide what can and can’t be written about…

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