I love Firefox, but does it love Bloglines?

I’ve been using Firefox as my dominant browser at work for months now, happily so.

At home, once I got broadband, I started using Firefox more–except when I need to check work mail (iNotes still doesn’t play nice with Firefox). “More” meaning “exclusively except when I can’t.”

But an odd thing’s been happening–not all the time, but once every couple of days.

I’ll go do to my “pre-dinner Bloglines sweep,” click on the first blog with new postings, and wait. And wait. And…

Sometimes, the posts will come up after 20-30 seconds. Sometimes, not at all. Sometimes, a Refresh works. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

Yesterday, when this happened, I opened IE, went to Bloglines, clicked on the same blog, and got right in. And went through the whole set with no delays.

I still scan Bloglines at work in Firefox–and haven’t had this problem.

Clues gratefully accepted as comments. Otherwise, well, IE’s always on the machine.

[This post prepared in IE–and I think WordPress opened faster. But Blake may have done some tuning, or I may be hallucinating.]

5 Responses to “I love Firefox, but does it love Bloglines?”

  1. tangognat says:

    Totally guessing here, but how often do you clear your cache in Firefox? And is there anything strange with the javascript settings in Firefox?

  2. Fiona says:

    Firefox refuses to load the stylesheet for Bloglines when I use it. So things look ugly. Very strange. So now I mostly use Safari for my web browsing. And it loads much quicker on my old Mac too.

  3. Mark says:

    I have the same problem with Firefox on both my Mac laptop and my desktop PC. Not sure why it might be the cache because every thing else loads fine, but maybe worth a try.

  4. walt says:

    Maybe I’ll try the cache. Far as I know, the Javascript settings are default. What’s strange is that sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it doesn’t.

    (I know of other cases in which Firefox seems to cache, and use cache, a little too aggressively, so that’s not a bad suggestion! Thanks.)

  5. Molly says:

    FWIW, I use Firefox (1.0.4) and have not experienced this problem with Bloglines during several months of usage. I check Bloglines 4-5 times per day almost every day. I don’t clear my cache. I get the stylesheets, too; everything looks fine.