Hangingtogether: A new weblog of possible interest

You don’t see many work-related posts here. That’s partly because I’m not one of RLG’s “outward-facing” staff: Most of my work is internal to RLG–and nearly all my writing, speaking, and ALA-related activity is done outside work.

RLG does have “outward-facing” people, and they’re interesting folks, paying attention to RLG’s motto, “Where museums, libraries, and archives intersect.”

Some of them have started a weblog, with a tiny amount of advice and assistance from yours truly. It’s called hangingtogether.org and many of you may find it worth checking out, maybe even subscribing to.

Here’s the description:

HangingTogether is a place where some of the staff at RLG, a membership organization of libraries, archives, and museums, can talk about the intersections we see happening between these three different types of institutions. We travel to our members a lot and go to conferences and wanted to be able to take note of the interesting things we see along the way. Stop in, stay awhile, and hang out.

If you want a little more explanation for the name (and my somewhat accidental role in creating it), this post will fill you in.

I think the new blog is worth reading. Of course, I’m biased.

One Response to “Hangingtogether: A new weblog of possible interest”

  1. I’ve popped the feed into my Bloglines subscription and e-mailed the link to everyone in my division of “Libraries, Archives and Museums.”

    Ironically, we’ve been having a lot of talk within our division lately about how libraries, archives, and museums can work more effectively together, so this blog topic came at the right time for us.