ALA and RLG DigiNews: Two posts in one!

Thanks to this post at beSpacific, I can point you to this article on ALA’s lobbying effectiveness. Well worth reading. You do know that ALA was a prime mover in seeing to it that the FCC doesn’t let Hollywood control the design of future personal computers?

And, while I usually wind up discussing portions of each issue in Cites & Insights, I should provide an immediate head’s-up: the new RLG DigiNews is out and, as always, well worth reading. I say that not because I work for RLG (Cornell actually prepares the publication) but because it’s an excellent resource.

2 Responses to “ALA and RLG DigiNews: Two posts in one!”

  1. Brian says:

    Y’know, on this one, I have to agree with the conservative bloggers: The ABA article really seems to be saying that ALA hasn’t accomplished much in Washington. “Active” isn’t the same thing as “effective.”

  2. walt says:

    The article and the bloggers miss a key point: ALA was the lead plaintiff in the case. There were several different arguments for knocking out the Broadcast Flag. Because the court found one of them sufficient, it did not choose to address the others.

    That’s generally how courts work: They craft decisions narrowly.

    In fact, ALA’s done a reasonable job in the legislature as well: the library exemptions in sections 108 and 109 wouldn’t be there without ALA’s lobbying.

    As I understand it, ALA is known for the effectiveness of its lobbying, particularly given its tiny budget relative to all the corporate lobbyists.