There never really was a blogroll

This Catalogablog post–the second paragraph–convinces me to complete a process that began with this conversation.

Here’s the key paragraph (I do love block quotes in WordPress!):

Part of me says I should drop the sections entirely, or at least the “Library Folk” section; it’s not as though it’s difficult to find librarian weblogs. Part of me says I should stick with making a few changes every couple of months, just offering a sampling of “interesting weblogs I pay attention to.” None of me wants to put all 120+ of my Bloglines subscriptions in a Blogroll. After all, there are some blogs that I track but really don’t agree with or particularly support…although I’ve given up on some of the most extreme.

The conversation that ensued was enlightening, as several conversations here have been. (It and some of the others will probably turn into C&I essays in the future.)

I never did get around to “reshuffling” the limited set of Library Folk and Other Folk (the shuffling each time you call up W.a.R. is a WordPress feature). Given how lax I am in creating entries, and how slow I am in starting the new personal website that I need to start (since I’m now spending $20/month for an AT&T dialup account that serves no other purpose), it’s clear that I’m not going to get around to a well-thought-out, coherent strategy for a somewhat-irrelevant set of links.

So they’re gone. You all know how to find library-related weblogs, and you certainly don’t need my endorsement as to which ones are particularly worthwhile.

(OK, there’s one other factor: I did a “Walt at Random” egosearch on Google, and find that blogrolls are making it almost impossible to find actual citations–to the extent that the result size for the blog is actually larger than for “Walt Crawford,” which is just silly. So I now see a positive downside to blogrolls.)

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