Moving it, losing it, and Jim Croce

The gist: my personal website has moved–to

If you’re a traditionalist, will work (and if you’re really a traditionalist, so will

If you’re wondering, is hosted by the same fine host as WebJunction and a whole bunch of other library-type sites, including this weblog:

“Losing it”? Well, the site now consists of a note that my website has moved and a link to the new page. Right now, I’m paying att.worldnet $19.95/month to keep that page up (since I’ve moved on to SBC Yahoo! DSL, and that account includes dialup if I need it). I won’t pay that for very long–two or three months at the outside.

Which means my primo ranking in web search engines is likely to be useless for a while. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the new site to reach the first page of results…

Jim Croce? Well, I first registered When I told my wife about it and about the newish “.name” domainspace, she thought I really should use as a domain–after all, until/unless I offer some items for sale, it’s not commercial, but it’s based on my name.

So, thanks to (the registrar I used: I could not get’s order form to stop asking for nonexistant mandatory form elements–and is cheaper, at $5.99/year), “I got a name.”

If you’re wondering, there’s nothing new on the new site–but I’ve moved over almost all of the old junk, dated as it may be.

Update: I really do need to thank Blake Carver for easing the transition to LIShost. I’m still a novice at all this DNS and SSH and similar stuff…and having a web editor/FTP client that shows nicely abbreviated forms of Unix directories doesn’t help a lot.

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