Grokster: Just a quick note

I haven’t ignored the MGM v. Grokster decision.

But this here weblog is, among other things, about stuff “not quite ready for Cites & Insights“–which admittedly includes several conversations that will sooner or later turn into C&I essays.

The Grokster case is, in fact, “ready.” The essay’s written, and will appear–probably with ongoing refinements–in the July/August C&I, coming later this month.

If you want a hint at my own take, I’ll note that while I’ve been covering Grokster in what I call (C)4, Locking Down Technology, this perspective is flagged as (C)3, Balancing Rights. That’s a strong clue, and it’s fair to say that I was generally pleasantly surprised by the decision.

Several thousand words more (from me and others) in C&I, coming soon to a PDF near you.

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