D-Lib: Ten years of excellence

D-Lib Magazine‘s current issue (July/August 2005) represents and reflects on the magazine’s tenth anniversary.

Robert E. Kahn says this in his introduction to the issue:

The magazine has proven to be an important source of timely and relevant information about digital libraries in particular and, more generally, of information production, consumption and management.

That sounds about right.

I don’t always agree with CNRI on everything. I don’t always agree with D-Lib articles. (It would be both odd and unfortunate if I did.)

I do always find D-Lib worth perusing, with many of the articles worth my time to read and reflect on. (Once in a while I comment on D-Lib articles in Cites & Insights, but nowhere near as often as I should.)

Ten years is a long time in the magazine business and an eternity in the e-publishing field. D-Lib has reached that milestone with distinction. I hope it continues to do well.

And if it’s not obvious: If you haven’t looked at D-Lib in a while, what are you waiting for? It’s in my Favorites list, for good reason.

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  1. And they’ve got a newsfeed, too, so there’s really no excuse for missing the latest issue. 🙂