Blogging about blogging

That’s the title on this post at Joy Weese Moll’s “Wanderings of a Student Librarian.”

Which begins,

As Walt Crawford likes to imply, metablogging can be a path to a boring navel-gazing blog. But in the last few days, I have benefited from other people’s thoughts about blogging and work.

Which naturally calls for this entry (an entry that also shows I haven’t entirely disappeared yet, although family, health and work issues continue to preclude active posting).

I’d refine that implication: continuous metablogging can be a path to a boring navel-gazing blog and is at the heart of the Great Blogosphere Echo Chamber. But selective metablogging is a wonderful thing!

I’m always honored to be noted by people like Joy, and Dorothea and Meredith (mentioned in Joy’s post). And I’m sure Joy will find a way to continue her weblog after her student days are over.

Music? I’ve thought about posting something on one of the greatest spoken-verse sections I can remember in a song–and the song is named “Joy” (by Harry Nilsson). You can find the lyrics if you want; I won’t quote the spoken section in full (because it exceeds fair use) and I won’t link to the site I found (because it starts loading popups and probably spyware immediately), but it ends with the classic line “And if everyone was happy, there wouldn’t be any love songs” (probably misquoted). Sorry, Joy: I won’t do it again.

One Response to “Blogging about blogging”

  1. Not a problem. I was completely innoculated against songs with my name in them in Junior High when Gary Richardson thought it was fun to sing “joy to the fishes….” every time he saw me. Since he had the locker next to mine, that was pretty frequently.

    I hope your family, health, and work issues resolve themselves well.