Another trivial question

Here’s one that could be easy or difficult, depending:

Make the connection between the World Poker Tour and Randy Newman, with a side trip to Coconut Grove.

And here’s a huge hint: at least two previous posts could be related.

This one’s probably easier for people of, shall we say, a certain age.

I’ll post the answer next Tuesday, if nobody comes up with it.

[I believe the answer I’m looking for involves six simple statements, each linked to the next.]

2 Responses to “Another trivial question”

  1. james davis says:

    What year was Marvin Gay killed?

  2. walt says:

    I’m not sure how this is relevant to my post, but I allowed it. It’s also a question that any librarian (or library user) should be able to answer easily (Ask Jeeves and others will answer it…).

    But it’s a trick question.

    Marvin Gay (as spelled) died in 1998. He wasn’t killed.

    Marvin Gaye, his son, died in 1984, shot by Marvin Gay, his father.