Cites & Insights: A pre-ALA announcement

Some of you may be anticipating a July issue of Cites & Insights coming out just before ALA–that is, right about now.

That’s not going to happen. Indeed, there’s not going to be a July issue at all.

Paying attention to readership patterns and wholly appropriate reading habits during the summer, I’m planning a combined July/August issue for mid to late July. That probably means a total of 13 issues for 2005, which seems as good a number as any.

I do not plan a double-length July/August issue; I’m aiming for 20 to 22 pages, with 24 pages tops. The plan is to produce a little less copy during the summer. Maybe some of you will catch up on some of the issues you skipped or that are sliding off your desk along with other unread stuff… (And maybe I’ll do a more thoughtful issue with more time. Hope springs eternal!)

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