Congrats here as well

I’m certainly not the first, but I shouldn’t be the last either: Dorothea Salo is an official librarian, degree and all.

She’s one of a number of library school students (or, now, former library school students) who have used net media to make an impression in the field before their first (library) professional job.

I note Dorothea because she’s challenged (and at times supported) me in ways that always leave me more thoughtful and perhaps a little wiser. That’s why I’ll use a first name even though (AFAIK) we’ve never met.

2 Responses to “Congrats here as well”

  1. Thank you so much, Walt! This is so sweet of you.

    And right back at you on the challenging and the support. I am definitely better at what I do because of you and Cites.

    Do you keep a conference schedule anywhere? One of these days we have to hit the same one…

  2. walt says:

    When it comes to conferences, it’s pretty simple at this point: I go to ALA Annual and Midwinter (unless there are compelling reasons to skip Midwinter, such as freezing my brains out), maybe the Charleston Conference if work sends me there again…and that’s it, unless I’m invited to speak with expenses and honorarium paid.

    My current speaking schedule is on my web site–it doesn’t exist. Subject to change, of course. Which means that other than those named above, my conference schedule is empty.