Cites & Insights 5:8 available

Cites & Insights 5.8 (June 2005) is now available.

This 24-page issue includes:

  • Bibs & Blather – Readership patterns, a cheaper HTML challenge, a reminder about reporting, and notes about cable flags, which leads into:
  • Perspective: The Broadcast Flag (an Endless Story?) – Notes on the court ruling striking down the broadcast flag, reactions from various sources, the issue of “standing” as it applied to ALA and other plaintiffs, some background–and, sigh, proposed legislation to restore the struck-down flag.
  • Net Media – comments on wiki wackiness, weblogs, RSS, audio blogging (and podcasting), the folks at Pew, and why I’m not covering Folksonomy
  • Trends & Quick Takes – four trends and seven mini-perspectives ranging from hi-rez audio to a look back at Y2K
  • Library Access to Scholarship – The NIH policy and various reactions, a Suber trio, and shorter pieces related to access, including extensive notes on Charles W. Bailey, Jr.’s new DigitalKoans weblog.

If you just can’t cope with PDF or only care about one of these topics, you can reach HTML versions of each essay from the C&I home page.

(Note: If anyone here’s also on the Topica CICAL Alert list–Topica is down today, so this issue will have a three-day rollout instead of the usual two-day rollout.)

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