Buying a subnotebook

I gave in. I realized I was coming up with good ideas for weblog entries or C&I perspectives or mini-perspectives, and losing the ideas by the time I’d sat down at the PC. Maybe it’s a consequence of being (no, Steven, I’m not going to use the word) almost 60. Maybe it’s a consequence of today’s hectic life…

So I decided I needed to have something portable, that I could use to note an idea whenever it strikes me–and maybe even note appointments and items needing purchase and the like.

Not really a PDA. I picked up a true subnotebook.

3″x5″, weighs about 2oz., cost $0.99. Batteries not included or needed. Wire spiral to hold the 90 sheets together. Looks to be perfect for the job.

What? You thought I meant a subnote PC? Not just yet, not real soon. We may be buying a notebook PC soon, but it won’t be for me and won’t be a subnote. Just don’t have the need…for anything more than a place to jot down the occasional topic or reminder.

9 Responses to “Buying a subnotebook”

  1. Anna says:

    I’m almost thirty, a semi-geek, and ashamed to admit that I’ve never heard the term “subnotebook” until I read this post. I do remember geeking out over the concept model of the OQO computer. I didn’t know that it is a part of a class of subnotebook computers.

    I use a spiral bound “subnotebook” much like yours, Walt. It’s very handy for jotting down notes or keeping shopping lists. I also have a PDA (finally replaced the dead battery – woo!) that I use for other things. Both serve similar yet different functions.

  2. T. Scott says:

    At all times, I have with me a reliable fountain pen and a Moleskine notebook ( I call it my PAA.

  3. walt says:

    T. Scott: “PAA”-great name.
    Anna: “Subnotebook” is, I think, usually used for the 2-3 pound units with slightly smaller than normal keyboards and smaller screens, such as some Sony Vaio models. You pay an even stiffer premium for these than for regular notebooks.

    The OQO has been called a palmtop. It’s yet another category.

  4. Steven says:

    You’ve been good. I’m proud of you Walt! I’m glad we have a good influence on each other,

  5. Anna says:

    Ah, well, when I did a search on it, the OQO was lumped in with the subnotebooks on the sites I visited, and it was the only one I’d heard of.

  6. One of the favorite productivity tools discussed over at 43 Folders is the Hipster PDA, which provides similar functionality using 3×5 index cards and a binder clip. There are also plenty of Moleskine fans over there as well. It’s an interesting blog with plenty of ideas for worthwhile, practical “life-hacks”.

  7. Ruth Ellen says:

    Walt & T. Scott – I use perfect bound; the spiral things always come undone on me and catch on stuff and I call it my P.D.A . I don’t know about you guys, but I use my digits to write…

  8. Ruth Ellen says:

    Yikes! Sorry about the garbled sentence up there. That’s what happens when you cut and paste and don’t re-proof.

  9. Peter Murray says:

    So, it used to be “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of 9-trac tapes.” I guess it is now “Never underestimate the convenience with which ideas can be recorded on 3″x5″ cards.”

    I’m right with you, Walt. I never go anywhere without a pack of 3″x5″ cards in my pocket. The only thing left on the converged cell/PDA is the address book and the calendar.