Wow! Quoted in LJ!

Well, LJ Online, that is.

Here’s the article. Here’s the essential paragraph:

Michael Gorman, president-elect of the American Library Association (ALA), has stepped down just months before assuming office. “It was the blog people, they did it,” said RLG’s Walt Crawford, a friend and co-author (Future Libraries: Dreams, Madness & Reality; ALA, 1995). “They made Mike’s life a living hell,” Crawford said in reference to the outcry following the publication of Gorman’s essay “The Revenge of the Blog People.”

If you know how likely I am ever to call Michael Gorman “Mike,” you won’t even have to pay attention to the date of the item… (the “outcry” will be commented on in the next Cites & Insights, by the way: out some time next week).

4 Responses to “Wow! Quoted in LJ!”

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    Gorman Abdicates, ALA Leadership in Disarray, Walt chimes in.

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  2. Steve says:

    Walt, ya fooled me for a split second. Man, how gullible can one be?

    Congrats on the new blog, also.

  3. Alane says:

    Walt, what a great way to make a debut! Welcome to this world. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading you in this space as much as I do in the others.

  4. […]”>LISNews relative to an April Fool’s Day item by Library Journal: Walt at Random Blog Archive Wow! Quoted in LJ!