Snowball fights in Hades

Read this:

Blogs are definitely not G-d’s gift to libraries, and I don’t think that librarians should “worry” about blogs. I think that librarians should embrace blogs if they feel that they will help their library. I used to think that every library should have a blog and that every library employee should as well. I’ve since matured (a year of Internet time is about 30 years regular time, right?) and understand that you can lead a library/librarian to a blog, but you can’t make them post. So, maybe William is right: not everyone should worry about them. But at the very least they should know what blogs are and how they can possibly improve the way libraries/librarians communicate with their staff and patrons.

Now guess the author.

The third sentence may be a giveaway–it could narrow it to three or four people at most.

Let me just say that I completely agree with the final sentence and the overall spirit of the post, which is from Steven Cohen.

The whole post is worth reading. It’s part of Cohen’s current “information anxiety/information overload” series. Since I agree that information overload only exists if you want it to, if you insist on overloading yourself–which is probably a change for me–I recommend the whole series of posts.

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  1. Anna says:

    I heard David Levy speak on this topic back in January at the Online Northwest conference. It was thought-provoking. He’s a good speaker and has spent some time contemplating the place of technology in society.