Theme and variations

Since I didn’t mention this initially:

This weblog is based on the LetterHead WordPress theme by Robin Hastings.

Modifications include:

  • Substituting serif faces (primarily Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif) for the sans typefaces used for most body and sidebar material.
  • Eliminating letterspacing within the weblog name and subtitle.
  • Enlarging most typefaces for ease of reading.
  • Eliminating some traditional sidebar sections (e.g., “Blogroll”) and adding sidebar sections appropriate to my needs.

I think that’s about it. The (lack of) color and stark simplicity are all LetterHead, all the way. Note that the print stylesheet appears to be WordPress’s default, and offers the best printability of any weblog software I’ve encountered.

Speaking of printability and weblogs, here’s a sneak preview: the April 2005 issue of Cites & Insights will be published later today (Gaia willing and the creek don’t rise), but in the meantime inquiring minds may find that clicking on that link leads to a file I loaded to make sure it would print properly–a PDF that bears a remarkable similarity to the forthcoming formally-published version.

[Hint: Formal publication in this case will consist of uploading HTML pieces and changes to the three support pages. I don’t expect to re-upload the PDF at all.]

3 Responses to “Theme and variations”

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the info about your WordPress theme, Walt. I was wondering about it when I first visited, I like the minimal clarity. Also, your link to the theme is broken. It’s actually at

  2. walt says:

    Well, I guess nobody’s perfect: I did a right-click copy to pick up that link from the Theme information itself. But, duh, I didn’t actually try it…and as Amanda found, it gets a 404. I’ll change the post.

  3. Whoops! I hadn’t noticed that the link was incorrect in the theme. I’ve got a couple of other small clean-up things to do, but I’ll make the change when I’m in the code next. Thanks for the link!