Just for fun, I’ve been going through my listening collection–all ripped from owned CDs using MusicBee to FLAC, played back on a Cowan Plenue high-fidelity player–by “genre,” presumably supplied by crowdsourcing to whatever metadata database MusicBee uses. (Background)

Last night, I finished one odd genre and scrolled to the next: Angry.

So what’s included (from my collection, that is)?

One album: No Secrets, by Carly Simon.

Really? Angry? The album shows a confident, talented woman. One song (the basis for the album title) shows her disappointed in her lover/boyfriend/spouse/whatever. Another, the big hit, is “You’re So Vain,” Of the songs on the album, those are as close as I could come to anything even resembling anger, and you’d really be stretching it in either case (especially the latter, which I still love).

My thought went out to whoever supplied that genre: I hope you got help.

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