Cites & Insights 19:1 available

Cites & Insights for January 2019 (19:1) is now available for downloading at

The 42-page issue–out early, before I dive deep into Gold Open Access Journals 4–consists of a single essay/roundup:

Intersections: Open Access Stuff (pp. 1-42)

Catching up on OA-related stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the areas I’ve dealt with recently–that is, stuff that’s not about big deals, creative commons licenses, the colors of OA, economics, libraries, peer review, “predatory,” or overarching OA issues. Oh, and also not about PlanS. 

Can I also note here how much I am NOT in love with the newest iteration of WordPress’ oh-so-friendly WYSIWYG interface? It’s the first one in a while that’s so user-friendly it actively gets in my way. But never mind…

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