20% Sale on GOAJ3, Countries, and more

You might want to try the paperback version of GOAj3: Gold Open Access Journals 2012-2017 or Gold Open Access Journals by Country 2012-2017–or, for that matter, if you’re interested in gray OA, Cites & Insights 17, which includes both iterations of the study.

They’re all on sale now through June 21, 2018, 20% off–as are all Lulu print products, including my other books–if you use the coupon code


Update 6/22: That sale’s expired, but there’s a new three-day sale that’s even better for the GOAJ books:

10% off–and free ground shipping. Through June 25, 2018. Code


Personally, I find the paperbacks much easier to read than the PDF version, especially if you want to compare different aspects of GOAJ. Your mileage may vary…

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