Cites & Insights Nov/Dec 2016 (16:9) available

The November/December 2016 issue of Cites & Insights [16:9] is now available for downloading at

It’s a stub issue, two pages long, for reasons explained in the single essay: The Front: Big Change Coming.

It is not the end of C&I. As the essay explains, there will be at least one more issue (and quite possibly several or many more after that).

If you read C&I on paper, you will most definitely want to read this issue. It won’t take long (to download or to read).

For those who read C&I online or on an e-device, you may prefer the four-page single-column 6″ x 9″ version at

One Response to “Cites & Insights Nov/Dec 2016 (16:9) available”

  1. Kate W says:

    I appreciate all your work and so many years of interesting writing, Walt.