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Just a quick note on two semi-related issues:

Big-Deal Serial Purchasing: Tracking the Damage

If your academic library doesn’t already get Library Technology Reports–or even if it does–you might want to look at Chapter 1 of this report, the overview, which will provide a sense of the overall picture. To a great extent, the damage is in the details (covered in the other chapters), since a few very large academic libraries with strong budgetary support make the overall figures look better less bad than they otherwise would.

You can view Chapter 1 for free here. You can also purchase other chapters in e-form at that location.

(A reminder: I strongly believe that every academic library and academic librarian in the U.S. should be aware of this report, but not for personal gain–as with all Library Technology Reports, the writer–me, in this case–receives a single payment, so additional royalties don’t enter into it. I’m not complaining, and I’m delighted that LTR and editor Patrick Hogan saw fit to publish this.)

Beyond the Damage: Circulation, Coverage and Staffing–15% off the print version through 7/21/14

I’d like to think that dozens or hundreds of academic libraries/librarians will also find this book useful; it examines changes in the state of academic library circulation (no, it isn’t “down everywhere” or close to it), book coverage, and both professional and overall staffing relative to student population during the 2002-2012 period, using the same divisions of libraries as in the LTR report.

From now through July 21, 2014, you can save 15% on the print version by using the coupon code


at checkout. The coupon code applies to all print books (technically, that’s not true, but it includes all the Cites & Insights print books–there’s a new economy category akin to mass-market paperbacks that isn’t included) in a single order, so it’s also a great time to buy Your Library Is... or one or more of the C&I Annuals.

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