$4 to $1 and related: Progress report

Here’s where things stand:

$4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets: Volume 1, Libraries by Size

  • The text is complete.
  • If the crowdsourcing campaign had succeeded, I would send out the PDFs (as links) to donors today.
  • Source material for the cover has been gathered.
  • The cover should be ready this week or next, at which point the three versions (single-user PDF, site license PDF, paperback) will be published and publicized here.

If you’re wondering: If you’ve seen the cover for the Oregon/Washington edition of Give Us a Dollar..., you have a pretty good idea how the cover for $4 to $1–and a new, proper cover for The inCompleat Give Us a Dollar…–will look.

Your Library Is…

  • 120 libraries left to go in the scan (out of 9,200+). I should finish that tomorrow or Thursday.
  • Turning that scan into a book will either be fast and easy (if my current assumptions are correct) or fairly slow (if they’re not). In the former case, the book should be ready next week–sans cover. In the latter case…
  • Best guess: First or second week of September for completion including cover.
  • I continue to believe this will be a great not-so-little source of inspiration for libraries and librarians: not my affirmations (that’s not going to happen!) but a range of interesting sayings, slogans and mottoes by hundreds of public libraries. Some people (especially those who dislike any form of sentimentality or warmth regarding public libraries) will absolutely hate it, but then they probably won’t buy it anyway.

$4 to $1 Volume 2: Libraries by State

  • I plan to prepare the table templates, then prepare the first two or three states in draft form.
  • That draft, along with lots of publicity and some excerpts from the two above, will appear in the October Cites & Insights, possibly along with some other material.
  • Then we’ll see how things progress. If the first volume sells well, the second volume will probably appear. (Let’s say two copies per state…) If not, probably not.

Cites & Insights

  • I don’t anticipate any big issues for the rest of 2013. I do anticipate that there will be at least two and probably three more issues, all of them reasonably slender. But things can and do change…

Existing Books

  • Some existing C&I books will either be discontinued or placed on a “sales watch”–to be discontinued if there aren’t at least nominal sales.
  • Notably, the Oregon/Washington special volume will almost certainly disappear by mid-September.






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