The inCompleat Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four

Do you find the myriad tables with no graphs and essentially no commentary in Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four a little overwhelming?

Have you read my plans to provide The Compleat Give Us a Dollar…, Volume 1: Libraries by Size, and Volume 2: Libraries by State, combining tables, graphs (including new graphs for states) and commentary–but only in 8.5×11 PDF ebooks–and thought that it might be less convenient for quick comparisons?

Have I got a deal for you…

The two ebook volumes of TCGUAD should be available tomorrow, August 1, or Friday, August 2 (they’re ready, but there’s other stuff to do).

Meanwhile, it’s here:

The inCompleat Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four


It’s 433 8.5″ x 11″ pages. It’s a big book. It combines all of the text from the original book, essentially all of the comments from the two Cites & Insights essays, all of the scatterplots (and other b&w graphs) from Graphing Public Library Benefits, and what I believe to be the most meaningful graph for libraries by state, a scatterplot plotting circulation per capita against spending per capita, along with the correlation coefficient for those two measures.

I’m sure there are a few egregious errors from the fast process of combining four different sources, then stripping out some graphs and trying to remove the associated notes properly. But all the real text and tables should be just fine.

The price is a low, low $26.99. Did I mention that it’s a big book?

Oh, and that the two-volume Compleat… won’t be available in print? (And would be brutally expensive if it was.)

I believe library schools will find this worthwhile. As should some library consultants, some state libraries and some libraries. You won’t find this level of detail in $4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets or anywhere else I can think of.

If you don’t recognize the subheading above as being a link, here’s the link–and again in text form:

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