Thank you also

A followup to this brief post:

Another donation to support Cites & Insights received, for which I am also grateful.

Thank you.

You might think of C&I not so much as a free ejournal but as a “Pay what you wish” ejournal. I receive no ad revenue, grant funding, sponsorship or other support beyond Paypal donations. And, to be sure, I have no salary or other steady sources of earnings either (there’s a little royalty now and then, but “little” is the appropriate term).

I’ve tried a variety of library-related initiatives, so far without much success. I love doing C&I and participating in the field, although financially I’d be much better off finding a part-time job stocking shelves at Costco or greeting people at Home Depot. (Thanks in part to the Fed’s ongoing campaign of punishing any elders or others so foolish as to actually save money and forcing us to be risk-takers, “financially” continues to be an issue, maybe more so than a couple of years ago.)

So I particularly appreciate these payments. Who knows? Someday I might be able to justify going back to ALA…or to some other conference where I’m not being paid to speak.

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