New pricing on most Cites & Insights Books

I’ve repriced most Cites & Insights Books, following a new simplified principal: except in cases where I’m more-or-less giving the book away, I’m pricing books (paperback, hardback and ebooks) at Lulu so that I’ll get at least $8 from each sale.

Here’s what that means in terms of modified prices:

Ebooks (at Lulu) [all PDF, no DRM]

Those that aren’t even cheaper (or free, as in the case of Open Access and Libraries) are now $9.99. That includes Balanced Libraries, The Liblog Landscape 2007-2010, and But Still They Blog.

Print books (at Lulu)

Most prices have gone down; I think one went up slightly.

  • Balanced Libraries is now $19.99
  • But Still They Blog is now $20.99
  • Library 2.0: A Cites & Insights Reader is now $18.99
  • The Liblog Landscape 2007-2010 is now $18.99
  • Give Us a Dollar… (paperback) is now $19.99
  • Give Us a Dollar… (hardback) is now $28.99
  • Cites & Insights 6: 2006 is now $25.99
  • Cites & Insights 7: 2007 is now $25.99
  • Cites & Insights 8: 2008 is now $23.99
  • Cites & Insights 9: 2009 is now $26.99
  • Cites & Insights 10: 2010 is now $25.99
  • Cites & Insights 11: 2011 is now $22.99
  • Cites & Insights 12: 2012 is now $25.99

Just go to and search for “walt crawford” to find all of these and The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing (hardback edition), which is published by ITI but fulfilled by Lulu in the case of the hardcover.

And, as usual, when Lulu has sales (they haven’t for a little while, but I imagine they will again), you’re encouraged to take advantage of them: The discount comes out of Lulu’s share, not mine.

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