Cites & Insights as HTML: Second weekly report

It’s been a week since the last update on the HTML challenge–that is, my request for people who find Cites & Insights worthwhile and want to read it in HTML form to pay a modest sum to support C&I.

It’s now a week before the cutoff for Stage 1 of the challenge: The point at which, unless there’s been significant progress toward the goal, I’ll stop doing HTML versions (effective with the February 2013 issue).

So here’s the report:

Contributions received to date


Purchases of C&I print annuals since challenge announced.


Contributions received with “not specific to HTML” disclaimer


Percentage progress toward goal



If you’ve been holding off, figuring somebody else would do it: Maybe not.

If $10 or $25 a year is just too much for your budget: My sympathy.

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