Cites & Insights 12:11 (Fall 2012) available: Special added issue

Looks like there will be 12 issues of C&I this year…

An added Fall 2012 issue of Cites & Insights is now available for download at

The issue is 20 pages long. A single-column 6×9″ version intended for online/ereader reading is also available, at The single-column version is 43 pages long (and tables do break across pages in some cases): Please don’t use this version for printing!

This issue consists of a single essay (also available in HTML form, if you absolutely hate PDF–but that one prints out as 40 pages, so again please don’t use that version for printing):

  Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four (2012-13): Commentary, Part 2   pp. 1-20

This essay consists entirely of notes about Chapter 20 of Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four (2012-13): “Libraries by State.” It also adds a new table for each state section (except DC and Hawaii), showing libraries in each size category.

I’m doing this added issue because one fairly long and reasonably timely essay is almost done–and should be paired with another shorter and somewhat more timely essay. Since I’d like to publish those some time in November, and since adding those to this 20-page essay would make for an uncomfortably long issue, I’m putting this out now.

Oh, and do go buy the book…these notes aren’t nearly as useful without the book.


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